Chargers’ Tyrell Williams embraces big plays, big change and big move to L.A.

Tyrell Williams is in a good place.

The third-year Chargers receiver is coming off a season in which he finished with 1,059 yards and seven touchdowns and emerged as a breakout big-play receiver. He was one of six players with six or more catches of 40 yards or more last season, a list that also includes Odell Beckham Jr. and A.J. Green. Williams, an undrafted free agent from Western Oregon, kept telling himself the same thing all along.

“When you get an opportunity make the most of it,” Williams told Sporting News. “I always try to be a big yards after the catch type guy whenever I get the ball. I just try to get upfield as quickly as I can.”

The NFL also would be sending a strong message that it truly cares about player safety by limiting injury exposure. Without those extra overtime snaps, the risk of getting hurt — especially injuries related to fatigue — is dashed.

Finally, teams can no longer play for overtime at Cheap Germany Soccer Jerseys the end of close games. They must play to win or accept the tie. This would lead to more exciting finishes and keep the length of games from reaching potential extremes, like when Washington and Cincinnati played Cheap College Jerseys for a whopping three hours and 56 minutes in Week 8 last season before setting for a 27-27 tie in London.

The NFL got along fine without overtime before adopting it for regular and preseason games in 1974. The same would be the case today.

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