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Tampa Bay has done stupid overspending on cash deals in the past, but addressing two key needs with a pair of former Redskins veterans was well done. Jackson is the home-run threat the team was lacking; he can take advantage of the attention paid to Mike Evans and Jameis Winston’s arm. Baker, a 3-4 end in Washington, will slide

The great Lone Star nightmare is over, exactly one year after it began. Houston Create Cheap Jerseys had a QB problem; it was handcuffed by the salary of a free-agent bust it no longer wanted. There came Cleveland to the rescue, buying Discount Bike Jerseys a second-round pick with Osweiler as a likely throwaway. It doesn’t matter the Texans lost Bouye, because they won by getting Osweiler off the books. They suddenly can be real competition to the Broncos for Tony Romo, too.

For Karnowski, it was an immediate introduction into everything that makes Gonzaga college basketball’s most polarizing program. The ‘Zags were a powerhouse, but they wouldn’t get the respect they were looking for until they made a Final Four run of their own.

Gonzaga would get close but ultimately fall short over the next few seasons. A trip to the Elite Eight. Another to the Sweet 16. They just couldn’t break through.

Is this the year? If nothing else, it might be the ‘Zags best chance. They started 29-0 before suffering their only loss of the year, an eight-point defeat to BYU. The offense ranks No. 12 in the country in efficiency and the defense ranks No. 1. The rotation has been bolstered by three high-major transfers who make this team look nothing like a mid-major.

Amid so much turnover this season, Karnowski has been a constant presence. You get the sense that Gonzaga wants to do this for Karnowski as badly as Karnowski wants to do it for his school.

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