Former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck certain he has CTE

Frank Wycheck was selected to the Pro Bowl three times in 11 NFL seasons.

But after catching 505 passes for 5,126 yards and 28 touchdowns, the former Redskins and Titans tight end is certain he now has chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

“Let’s just be blunt, they were being paid less than minimum wage, and so in a league that makes billions and billions of dollars it took a group of women to come together to seek and file a wage and sex discrimination action against the National Football League only to have that settled,” Smith said.

“And now nearly a year later another case has popped up. So, one, we’re a union and we believe that people should be paid their fair wage and we have those fights with the National Football League.”

Panthers center Ryan Wendell seconded Smith’s assessment, saying Nike NFL Jerseys From China when Top Cheap Jerseys his wife was an NFL cheerleader she sustained a concussion and went through far too rigorous training to be paid minimally.

This particular suit is different that the four filed against individual NFL teams because this suit says the NFL is a joint employer of the women.

The job pays minimum wage, but the case alleges the women sometimes aren’t paid for appearances and practices, like their football counterparts are.

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