He may never be a first or second option on a good team

Jackson is one of the more intriguing prospects in this year’s draft. He doesn’t necessarily have one elite skill, but he has lots of quite good ones. He’s a solid passer, a good defender, an all right ball-handler and a good rebounder

He may never be a first or second option on a good team, but expect him to showcase his athleticism and IQ off the ball. He’s sneaky and can come out of nowhere for offensive rebounds.

He’s not very good shooting the ball, but he can make up for it with plays like that. Don’t expect huge numbers from Jackson during this summer, but do expect to watch him make a lot of good plays with the ball.

For so long there existed a cold war between those who believed LeBron was the unimpeachable model for how modern superstars should conduct their business and those who didn’t.

James was a wonderful and willing passer, and a chameleon willing to play roles as needed. Maybe he didn’t like banging with bigs in small lineups, but he’d do it if it needed to be done. In crunch time situations, he was just as likely to kick out to a teammate — a Donyell Marshall, a Chris Bosh, a Kyrie Irving — as Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap he was to try to score himself.

This was presented as an alternative vision to the stars he followed, mainly personified by Kobe Bryant. Kobe rarely passed up a big shot. Kobe was not known for boosting his US Cheap Jerseys Club teammates — he was, in fact, infamous for burying them. Ask Shaq circa 2004, or Andrew Bynum three years later.

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