How to make a White House cabinet entirely staffed by pro wrestlers

The drama starts at the top, as President The Rock must constantly fear being booked out of the Oval Office by the scheming No. 1 contender.

The record-holders for the longest-running tag team title defense will defend our country under the Freebird Rule, which means Russia will never know whether Big E, Kofi Kingston, or Xavier Woods is our acting SecDef on that particular day.

The Tigers did just win a national title. It’s generally believed, however, that teams get more of a recruiting bump from the class that signs 13 months after winning, than they do with the class signing a month after a team takes home the trophy. This is because coaches only have a month to sell the national title to the current class, but a full year to do it to the next class.

Georgia is recruiting at a very high level as well, and we’ll get to that later. So a relatively tough recruiting job got immediately harder for Muschamp this cycle and beyond, and there’s also the factor of the elephant in the locker room.

That elephant is that Steve Spurrier’s exit at midseason in 2015 left the roster more or less in shambles, with a wide talent gap between the Gamecocks and the contenders in the SEC.

Attrition was stark and swift. South Carolina still boasts plenty of former four-star recruits but almost no proven entities. The Gamecocks’ only proven runner is a quarterback who might play receiver.

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