Kansas City fans were prevalent in the stands as the Chiefs easily beat the Chargers 24–10 in Week 3 last season.

Moving to a new city before your stadium’s completion is innately trying. After leaving Houston in 1997, the Oilers, waiting on their downtown Nashville venue, played home games at Liberty Bowl Stadium in Memphis. Attendance was abysmal, and when it wasn’t, opposing fans were extraordinarily prevalent. The next year owner Bud Adams moved games to Vanderbilt—a site he had initially rejected. The Oilers went 8–8 both years.

GM Tom Telesco says it’s always going to be like that for teams in a destination city. If you live in Buffalo and you’re going to go to one road game this year, [the fan typically thinks] ‘Hey let’s go to L.A. or Miami!’ At Qualcomm Stadium [in San Diego] let’s say we got 10,000 visiting fans. [In a stadium that holds 70,000 people] you notice those fans, but not that much. You get those same MLB Authentic Jerseys 10,000 at StubHub, it looks a lot different.

Rivers issued similar sentiments following that early loss to Miami last season, saying, It’s always been a little bit of something you battle. We battled it down in San Diego… the weather, the climate, lends to that.

There’s something about being mano a mano, Butler says, You can’t say, this is all I’m going to be doing all game, because if they come out in no-huddle you may New Cheap Jerseys end up with a different assignment, but it really allows you to zero in and focus on that one job.

It was the same defense but we called less stuff, Talib says. Wade really had it wide open, and it wasn’t as open in 201It was like the beginning stages of Wade. It was new to this coach, so things were less disguised with fewer calls. If 40 calls were available to us in a game in 2016, we had half of that last season.

This was actually at the Rose Bowl, a month earlier. And it was Baker Mayfield, not Nick Foles, carrying it out, then making the catch. So when the Oklahoma coach saw Foles and Corey Clement and Trey Burton pull off something similar (the biggest difference was a direct snap to Clement) in Super Bowl LII, he could laugh a little, and watch his phone light up with others who made the correlation.

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