LeBron will be 33 in the middle of his 15th season in the NBA.

Despite a valiant effort, Utah was swept by a Golden State Warriors team amid the most dominant show of playoff excellence in NBA history. Now with the Celtics, Hayward’s odds at making an NBA Finals appearance should be much better with only the Cavaliers in his path.

LeBron will be 33 in the middle of his 15th season in the NBA. As great a player as he is — and he’s an all-time great — Father Time is undefeated.

Be it age or fatigue, we saw James a half-step slower. His demands for additional playmakers were met, but to no avail. And with with a payroll full to the brim, Cleveland can only improve incrementally without trading a star for another.

The biggest is shorter contract length. Teams can now only sign their own free agents to a maximum of five-year contracts, and outside free agents to four-year contracts. This has cut down on the ability of teams to saddle themselves with long-term busts. Four years is still a long time, but it’s not seven years. The longer a commitment, the more potential things that can go wrong.

Another factor has been the growing salary cap number. The Very Cheap Jerseys enormous cap spike in 2016 basically ensured any contract signed before that year couldn’t be all that bad. Those 2015 and prior contracts (mid-levels, maxes, everything in between) that were still on the books were calculated off of a cap which was 25 Wholesale NHL Jerseys percent smaller. Unless they were completely dead cap space due to waived or injured players, they were no problem.

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