McAfee had additional value as one of the NFL’s top kickoff specialists

“He’s got every single trick in the kickoff book you can imagine with onside kicks,” Vinatieri said. “He can kick it out of the back of the end zone or drop it on the goal-line. He’s such a great athlete and a major competitive type of person.”

McAfee’s departure also means Vinatieri must collaborate with a new holder, which means additional work for arguably the greatest kicker in NFL history in building chemistry with a replacement.

The Dolphins have a coveted free-agent wide receiver of their own in Kenny Stills. Ideally, Miami would like to keep him because he’s been highly productive as a deep threat and is only 24. But in-house, their priority needs to be locking up Jarvis Landry for the long term.

That sets up Stills to find a better contract elsewhere, having his pick of system and location. Landry is a terrific player, but he’s not a true outside No. 1. With Miami being more than $40 million under the cap, Jeffery isn’t a splurge, but rather a stronger all-around investment for coach Adam Gase’s offense.

The backlog is getting too long, and the tales of long waits stretched Reebok Cheap Jerseys to NFL Jerseys Wholesale their limits, of making players who have earned the honor by any reasonable criteria, just snap. Like, for example, Owens .

He’s entitled to feel hurt, petty and eager to lash out. Does this really look like a Hall of Fame if eligible players sit and sit and sit and wait to see if someone arbitrarily decides they belong?

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