NBA scores 2017: Dirk Nowitzki reaches 30k while Russell Westbrook sets career high

There were only three games around the league on Tuesday night, but the night was not short of any drama. It was a night around the NBA for records. Dirk Nowitzki reached a milestone that only six players in the NBA have ever reached by scoring 30,000 points in this career. Before the start of Mavericks-Lakers, Dirk needed 20 points to reach the mark. He did it in 13 minutes. He started the night off hitting his first shot, scoring the Mavericks’ first eight points. By the time the first quarter was over, Dirk was already at 18 points for the night and 29,998 points for his career.

While he’s best known for his performance in Super Bowl XLVIII, Smith has emerged as a capable player at the linebacker position throughout his two years in Oakland. With 225 tackles, four sacks, nine pass defenses, four forced fumbles, and two interceptions in the past two seasons, Smith has made plays. It’s probably not a coincidence that Oakland’s defense, though still not dominant, has improved over the past couple of years.

Smith provided a veteran presence on a Raiders defense that was trying to help maintain leads built by Derek Carr and the Raiders offense. Going to San Francisco, he’ll be joining a unit that hasn’t been quite the same since Jim Harbaugh’s departure as well as several player retirements.

SB Nation’s 49ers blog Niners Nation says that Smith has experience with Robert Saleh from his tenure in Seattle. Smith will know how the defense works, so this seems to be a good move for Kyle Shanahan’s team.

Rodgers is a Super Bowl champ, two-time NFL MVP, six-time Pro Bowler, and two-time first-team All-Pro. Right now, he’s supposed to make slightly more than $20 million next season. Glennon has started 18 games in his career with a 5-13 record and is projected to earn around $15 million per year.25

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