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A trip to the Elite Eight in 2017 and a surprise run to the Sweet 16 as an 11 seed the year after that did nothing to shake the nation s new perception of Gonzaga. The transformation from lovable upstart to perpetually underachieving paper tiger had been completed.

For the past four months on social media, the Echl Cheap Jerseys mere mention of two things has been guaranteed to elicit an immediate and extreme response: The President of the United States of America, and Gonzaga basketball. Somehow, in a season where Duke has fielded perhaps its most controversial player since Christian Laettner, it s been a West Coast team from a low-major conference that has born the brunt of America s disdain.

The Zags are the nation s lone undefeated team? They re still a joke. Mark Few has power-conference transfers that make this team look and play more like a power conference team than ever before? Don t wanna hear it. The Bulldogs are going to be a No. 1 seed and they deserve to be? Whatever, they ll be out in the Sweet 16 or earlier, that s a guarantee.

All of this is to say that the former Heisman Trophy winner Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys has had an eventful run off the field in his year away from football. Now, as brunching season ramps up (and free agency headlines die down), the query is whether or not he ll return to the field. On Thursday, NFL reporter Ian Rapoport connected the mercurial quarterback to a landing spot that s anathema to sobriety.

Rapoport went on to say Payton has taken a liking to the former first-round pick, who has been avoiding the tabloid fodder that has defined his football career while gearing up for an NFL comeback. Manziel kicked off his comeback tour in earnest back at the Combine, and has been steadily gauging interest from teams in the weeks since. The 24-year-old sat out last season after being unceremoniously dumped by the Browns, but could certainly find a place in a quarterback-needy league if he could cast off the maturity issues that plagued his two-year stint in Cleveland.

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