‘Pitch Perfect 3’ cast members cheer on Falcons at NFC title game

Well, isn’t this aca-awesome?

The cast of Pitch Perfect 3 was on hand at the Georgia Dome Sunday afternoon as the Falcons defeated the Packers 44-21 in the NFC championship game.

The lone exception was Elizabeth Banks, the director and co-star of the series, who decided to show her support for the Packers. Some members of the Packers made cameos in Pitch Perfect 2, and the cast made a visit to the team’s locker room after the loss.

The general consensus was that CBS should put somebody else, anybody else, in his analyst chair. If not retired quarterback Peyton Manning, then maybe CBS’ No. 2 announce team of Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle should get the top job, fans said.

To be fair to Simms and Nantz, they didn’t have much to work with Sunday. The Patriots completely outplayed the Steelers. There was little suspense.

But Simms and Nantz didn’t have a good telecast either on Sunday.

Nantz got things off on the wrong foot by confidently predicting during the pre-kickoff intro that CBS’ game would be more competitive than Fox Sports telecast of the Falcons’ 44-21 demolition of the Packers.

The last thing anybody wants to see late in a blowout is star players getting hurt. That happened to Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi midway through the fourth quarter Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys during a five-yard run when he landed hard on his left shoulder the same shoulder he hurt earlier in the season. Ajayi was attended to on the field, and he eventually walked off on his own power. His return was questionable.

End of third quarter. The quarter ended with a four-yard Le’Veon Bell Cheap Jerseys And Hats first-down carry after the Dolphins had turned the ball over on downs as part of a last-gasp effort to get back into the game. Pittsburgh ended the quarter with a 364-201 advantage over Miami in total yards.

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