Seahawks bring Tom Johnson in on one-year deal

The Seahawks lost defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson to the Vikings, so they signed the guy who lost a job there because of it.

Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst was prevented from working out at the Scouting Combine after a physical examination revealed that he suffers from a heart condition. Hurst will work out instead at the Michigan Pro Day on Friday.

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Now that the NFL has its own mechanism for investigating these incidents, it’s not enough to wait and see whether charges are eventually filed. The moment the player realizes that he could be under scrutiny for something he has done, he must let his team and/or the league know about it. Without that kind of candor, a player will be able — as Bennett was — to continue to practice and play without fear of discipline from the league office.

As a result, the NFL may launch two investigations regarding Bennett: One regarding Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys the alleged incident from February 2017 and another regarding whether Bennett had any reason to believe formal Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys allegations were being made against him as a result of it, before Friday.

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