Sure, 38-year-old Drew Brees can be a free agent at the end of the season.

But he has made it awfully clear he doesn’t want to play anywhere but New Orleans, and the Saints appear to be taking him at his word. They’ve had no talks on a possible extension. Meantime, Brees just hums along, completing 69 percent of his passes, and is on pace for more than 4,500 yards. He’ll need at least this year and next to become the league’s all-time passing yardage leader, so it’s fair for the Saints to figure they won’t have to worry about replacing him until after 2018. Veteran Chase Daniel was brought back this offseason to be the backup.

“It’s funny,” Thomson interjects, “these guys like sweating results. I very much do not look. I’d just rather grade it all at the end of the day. Guess it’s the poker mindset ingrained in me: Get the money in good and don’t worry about the results. In the long run, you’ll win.”

Garrett responds, “If I didn’t sweat the games, this would be the most boring job I’ve ever had.”

During the flurry of halftime action, Thomson’s phone glitches, preventing him from logging in to his Wynn race and sports app. He debates whether rebooting his phone will cost him more money from missed opportunities than it’s worth trying to get the Wynn’s app up and running. He elects to not to restart and resorts to his other apps.

The Liberian-American got five carries out of the backfield and was elusive enough to run for 25 yards on his five carries, but it was his receptions that won him praise this week. Kamara Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys saw All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees throw at him 10 times during the game and the rookie caught all Cheap Hockey Practice Jerseys 10 passes for 71 yards and one touchdown in the Saints’ 20-0 victory over the Dolphins.

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