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The Jaguars tried a fake punt in a preseason game and it actually worked

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017:

The Jaguars are pulling out all of the stops in this Week 3 preseason matchup with the Panthers. Jacksonville attempted a fake punt, and it actually worked. No, seriously. This is not a drill. Look at Corey Grant go. And he didn’t. After Carolina’s Zack Sanchez picked him off on Thursday night, Bortles chased him […]   Read More →

Panthers GM: Playing in NFL opener puts us at a competitive disadvantage

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016:

“You’ve got to have a practice and you don’t have your practice squad players,” Gettleman said. “It’s kind of a competitive disadvantage.” The problem with Gettleman’s statement is that both teams are at the same “disadvantage,” which means it’s not exactly a disadvantage because everyone’s on the same footing. Patriots coach Bill Belichick brought up […]   Read More →

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