That phrase might as well be the official Hall of Fame slogan

Not long after Vinatieri was interviewed by co-host Bill Polian and me on SiriusXM NFL Radio, McAfee on Wednesday morning posted a photo on his Twitter account showing him prepped for surgery with the message, “Welp.. see ya later.”

McAfee announced last month that he would soon be undergoing the third procedure in the past four years on his right knee because of an injury suffered during the 2016 season. Even though a specialist is considered a non-contact position, McAfee during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show cited the physical toll of playing football as part of his reason to retire.

“I felt like a 90-year-old man,” McAfee said about the aftereffects of his latest right knee problem.

Having said that, though, the key words here are “too late.’’

That phrase might as well be the official Hall of Fame slogan; it should be chiseled over the entrance and emblazoned all over the walls inside. This Hall is an endless procession of players who waited too long to get in, only exceeded by the line of players who are still outside waiting. Like Owens.

And Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis and Morten Andersen, who got enough votes this Ravens Cheap Jerseys year, all got in … too late. Last year with Charles Haley: late. Tim Brown before that: late.

This has to stop.

It’s unfair to belittle the players who did get in, so let’s ease up on slandering Andersen for being a kicker (only the second ever to make it) or sack master Jason Taylor. They’re not the problem.

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