The Jaguars tried a fake punt in a preseason game and it actually worked

The Jaguars are pulling out all of the stops in this Week 3 preseason matchup with the Panthers. Jacksonville attempted a fake punt, and it actually worked.

No, seriously. This is not a drill. Look at Corey Grant go.

And he didn’t. After Carolina’s Zack Sanchez picked him off on Thursday night, Bortles chased him down, but eased up when he got close to Sanchez.

You can see it even better from this angle. Washington doesn’t have a quarterback problem yet, but its offseason has been dominated by controversy with the organization’s inability to lock up Kirk Cousins and the departure of general manager Scot McCloughan. The easiest way to quell controversy in the NFL is to win, and there’s enough talent on the roster for Washington to succeed if everything breaks right.

You can almost see Bortles thinking through this, and then deciding … nope.

Bortles was sidelined early as Chad Henne got the start instead. If Bortles wants to hold onto that starting job, he’ll need to prove himself to the Jaguars. But not tackling a defender after a pick in a game that doesn’t count shouldn’t be a factor.

Hill was able to show what he could do when he got more opportunities in the passing game.

He isn’t especially quick or fast, but Hill has a real knack for getting open. Even better, he also has some really good hands and adjusts well to balls that are off-target. I saw Hill jump up and catch a pass over a defensive back, reach back and snag a pass that was thrown behind him over Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping another defensive back and get down on Cheap NFL Jerseys the ground a couple times to Cheap MLB Jerseys From China scoop low balls up before they hit the turf.

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