The NBA is ditching traditional ‘home and away’ uniforms

Starting Oct. 1, Nike will be the new sporting apparel company for the NBA. And their first order of business will be ditching home and away uniforms, according to a press release from Nike.

Rather than labeling their home and away garbs traditionally, Nike is renaming them “Association edition” which would have been home colors and “Icon edition” which would have been away colors.

The home team will choose, from night to night, what colors they will wear. But now, light colors don’t mean you’re at home. Dark colors don’t mean you’re on the road. It’s all flexible.

Same exact dunk, same exact fail. The only difference is Steph was cracking up on the floor, and Klay was, well… not.

Even the event announcer knew exactly what Curry was doing, shouting “What happened Klay?” to Curry as he grinned on the ground.

Of course, to truly emulate Thompson’s amazing summer in China, Steph still has a few things to do — he has to go dancing in a club, lose in arm wrestling, and shoot a terrible air ball in a pickup game.

But if Steph can do those with the same grace he mocked Klay’s dunk with, we might have #ChinaSteph AND #ChinaKlay on our hands.

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