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Include prospective front-office executives, it s safe to believe. In that current management set-up, Snyder and team president Bruce Allen, why would someone volunteer to get the same treatment if things go wrong, or if you just rub the bosses the wrong way?

Should any executive who shows up there have to wonder Cincinnati Reds Cheap Jerseys what in their past the bosses will dangle over their heads when times get hard? Should they wonder if management is looking for candidates with character flaws and limited options, something that can be exploited when the time comes?

Is that how they run things there? And wouldn t it be smarter to go work for a franchise where you know that s not how they do business?

One wonders now if the current personnel people in Washington have to watch their backs and examine their pasts for deeds that will get the knife stuck in those backs some day.

After all, based on player reaction to the firing, McCloughan was widely liked and respected. Just not in one specific office, and that was the only one that mattered.

That s going to matter for a while in Washington, unless Chinese Cheap Jerseys the people in charge give a reason why it shouldn t. That sure won t happen right away, though.

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