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Oregon defended the situation well. The Ducks had fouled Michigan a few seconds earlier, and they still had one foul to give before they d put the Wolverines on the free-throw line. The uncertain threat of a foul might ve been an issue for Walton, and even though he got free from Ennis, his window wasn t open for long.

That last play was emblematic of why Fc Barcelona Cheap Jerseys Oregon won the game. The Wolverines offense did some things well, but the Ducks put just enough pressure on them to keep them from having the kind of scoring night that would ve won the game. They gave themselves a chance, and then they won what amounted to a coin flip.

Michigan s offense entered the game on an incredible run. Oregon didn t stop it, but it made the Wolverines look more normal.

The Wolverines scored 165 points in their two wins during the tournament s opening weekend, after averaging 76 during a four-game run through the Big Ten tournament. But more important, the Wolverines had been efficient. They were piling up points, and they weren t doing it through volume shooting. They had been lightning from the floor.

“It ain’t about a group. It’s about individuals,” James said after Cleveland allowed Denver to put up 73 points in the first half, score a whopping 70 points in the paint Detroit Lions Cheap Jerseys in the game and shoot 53.1 percent from the field and 42.3 percent from 3. “We’ve got to be more, just do more. It ain’t about no group. You can’t preach toughness. You’ve got to have it.”

James was asked how his individual defensive effort stacked up on a night when he registered a plus-minus of minus-30 in 34 minutes.

“Personally? I had opportunities where I could have been better,” James said before firing back with a rebuttal. “Um, one thing about it: I always bring toughness to the game. I know that. That’s for sure.”

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