A seagull almost got hit by a 90 mph pitch during a Twins-A’s game

Oooh boy, that was close! This brave soul just narrowly squeezed by a pitch from the Minnesota Twins Tyler Duffey. The Oakland A’s Khris Davis was batting at the time and didn’t look too pleased with the extra distraction from the seagull.

My in-depth analysis has determined that these birds had more sinister plans. This game was in the 12th inning. The birds couldn’t take it anymore and were hell-bent on ending the game by whatever means necessary. Here’s proof of the seagulls plotting their master plan:

Bour is just hitting dinger after dinger, collecting his 30 seconds of bonus time with homer 13, and then following that up with 14, 15, and 16 on consecutive pitches. Oh, and 17. Then a little break for a pitch outside, aaaaand number 18. And then 19. Slow down, Justin, I’m trying to keep up here.

Bour finished with 19 in regulation, so let’s see what he does with another 30 seconds. For what it’s worth, he looked tired as time wound down, but I’m sure he can make me look dumb for saying that in a matter of seconds.

Yuuup, he hit three in those 30 seconds to take the individual round lead with 22. That’s a lot for Aaron Judge to pass, but also, it’s Aaron Judge, so he just might.

Aaron Judge steps in to counter Justin Bour and reclaim his place as baseball’s largest dinger-swatting son. Judge went deep seven times by the 2:30 mark, including one at 501 feet that topped Stanton’s earlier shot. You will not be shocked to know he earned his bonus 30 seconds.

Judge hit the roof and they called it a homer because how could you not? [Roof update: they subtracted the roof one from his total at the end, but it didn’t matter.] Also, he has 19 as Cheap Paintball Jerseys And Pants I type this with 32 seconds left and 30 seconds of bonus time to Cheap Pro Jerseys go. And 22 at the end of regulation aaaaand his second swing of bonus time gives him 23, vanquishing Justin Bour.

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