Bradshaw finished his career with 212 TD passes.

Van Brocklin’s name still pops up once in a while, and it’s because he still holds the single-game passing record from that time he put up 554 yards on Sept. 28, 1951. Van Brocklin won two championships and is still considered a pioneer in the passing game decades later.

Bradshaw is one of two quarterbacks on this list with four Super Bowl championships, and he was the distributor for a dominant Steelers team in the 1970s.

“Captain America” won two Super Bowls, reached six Pro Bowls and played with an improv style that made him impossible not to love — unless, of course, you were a Bradshaw fan. Staubach, however, remains the standard for Dallas quarterbacks to follow.

It’s easier for Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald to defy their combined offensive age with young backfield stud David Johnson, and the defense has plenty of exciting youthful parts to deal the Cards into wild-card contention.

In a few other NFL divisions, the recently-relocated Chargers would have Order Cheap Jerseys Online easier playoff paths. If they can lean more on their rising defense and less on Philip Rivers, watch out in the tough West.

Andrew Luck’s shoulder should not be such a big mystery — he’s the most reliable quantity on the team after coming off his best season. The Colts invested more on the other side for Chuck Pagano, but the Indy D still will likely keep the team in mediocrity.

They are the Chargers of the NFC, a pretty darn good team in a tough division. Drew Brees will keep lighting it up with Peterson in tow, but Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta all remain in better positions Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale to make key stops in shootouts.

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