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Previously, when races had to start under extremely wet conditions, the race would begin under the safety car and proceed until it was deemed safe to race. At that point, racing would get Extremely Cheap Jerseys underway as though it were a normal safety car.

Now, a new sporting regulation has been put in place that allows races to follow normal starting procedures once conditions have been declared safe. So the safety car will still be deployed and laps raced under the safety car, but when it goes in, the grid will line up and start under the lights as usual.

Staubach and Aikman did a lot to ensure their teams would get to — and win — Super Bowls, but they also were on some super teams that played a big part in boosting their individual success and winning resumes The Cowboys needed Romo to overachieve often to be above average, and he never got a shot with a sustained, steady Design Cheap Jerseys playoff presence.

“Wins” aren’t a true QB stat, but they still matter in this type of subjective measure. After all, the argument against Romo remains he didn’t win enough when it counted.

Romo was 78-49 as the Cowboys’ starter in the regular season, winning 61.4 percent of the time. That puts him right between Aikman, who was 94-71 (57.0 percent) and Staubach, who was 85-29 (74.5 percent). Romo also leaves Dallas as the qualified all-time franchise leader in passing yards (34,183), completion percentage (65.3), passing touchdowns (248), yards per attempt (7.9), passer rating (97.1).

And, nebulous notion that it is, spirit. The presence of Ireland and Wales in the same group is serendipitous, as it draws attention to an interesting trend in international football. The declining glamour and pull of the international game has been a talking point for years, as the swelling money in the club game drags all the attention towards domestic matters. Everybody still loves the big tournaments, of course, particularly FIFA’s sponsors, but the long, drawn-out business of qualifying interrupts the season in frankly impolite fashion.

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