Colts don’t have Andrew Luck, but need good fortune to get offense ready without star QB

hen the Colts play a public football game for the first time of the 2017 season on Sunday, their starting quarterback will be their starting quarterback. This is a problem.

To his credit, when Colts coach Chuck Pagano was asked Tuesday whether Scott Tolzien would start against the Lions in lieu of star quarterback Andrew Luck, he had a little fun with it.

“We’ll look at it and see how we want to do things with the starters,” Pagano said. “We’ll treat him, obviously, as a starter.”

I don’t know much about wrestling, but I do know this: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was made to be a classic wrestling heel. First of all, he already has substantial experience with making wrestling fans angry, which is at least half the battle.

When AT&T Stadium hosted Wrestlemania 32, fans had a lot of reasons to be mad. They didn’t like that Roman Reigns won the whole thing, because apparently wrestling fans don’t like Roman Reigns. This happened six hours after the event started. It kicked off at 6 p.m., which means that it would have ended around midnight, so people probably would have been a little cranky, anyway. But none of that was Jerry Jones’ fault.

But it took Wrestlemania 32 ticket holders forever to actually get into the stadium, and people did see that as Jones’ fault. Plenty of people missed the beginning, and fans were chanting, “Let us in! Let Plain Cheap Jerseys us in!” outside the gates. Jones, of course, cashed in big considering that the average ticket price was over $300. That’s Personalized Cheap Jerseys a pretty heel move. – Jeanna Thomas

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