Keith Hernandez talked to a young fan about braces and may have scarred her for life

Little kids being around baseball personalities is usually so much fun. They’re young, adorable, and are genuinely excited about hanging out at the field, in a booth, or wherever they may be getting special access to players or team employees.

Darvish will be a rental for whichever team gets him, but he’ll be a rental that is worth it based on recent performances (Wednesday night’s 10 earned runs in 3 2/3 innings pitching notwithstanding).

Multiple teams have already made public their desire to have Darvish on their team, including the Astros, Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Brewers, and Nationals. The leader of the pack has been changing faster than you can say “we need pitching,” but now that Darvish’s status is confirmed, get ready for a fast and furious feeding frenzy from all those teams — and maybe even a surprise entrant.

In five years with the Rangers, Darvish has started 122 games with 960 strikeouts and a 3.42 ERA. This season, he has a fair-to-good 115 ERA+ and 4.01 ERA so will be a help to whichever contender lands him in the next few days.

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