NBA playoff schedule 2017: Wizards, Celtics, Jazz all look to close out series in Game 6

These first round series could be closed out on Friday, with the Wizards, Celtics and Jazz all going for knockout blows. It’s either that, or we set up a couple of Game 7s. Can’t lose either way, right?

The dunk contest hinges on big names making amazing dunks, not Cheap Eagles Jerseys no-names just barely getting it in the basket. The 1997 All-Star Game had guys like Jordan, Pippen, Drexler, and Cheap Elite Jerseys Shawn Kemp. None of them were in the Dunk Contest. Allen Iverson won MVP in that weekend’s Rookie Challenge. Young A.I. was a solid, exciting dunker, and he wasn’t in this dunk contest either.

So what did we get? Dunks as boring and uninspiring as the cinema from that year. Shaq was in Steel as a high-tech weapons designer and Dennis Rodman was in Double Team…as a high-tech weapons dealer. But it wasn’t just basketball players in movies, tv, and music in 1997. The 6th Man had basketball and a ghost. Air Bud had basketball and a dog. Flubber had basketball and science. “No Diggity” by Blackstreet had Lil’ Penny.

For the record, yes, Kobe won the 1997 Dunk Contest. And the response was so tepid that the 1998 Dunk Contest got canceled. Truly, this was the bottom for what should be one of our most electric basketball exhibitions.

Wilson remains my pick for the guy who will shoot up draft boards after the combine. Still projected as a second rounder by DraftExpress, Wilson’s combination of size, athleticism, three-point shooting, and shot blocking will make him intriguing for teams looking for frontcourt help.

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