Rays’ Wilson Ramos had to get 6 staples in his head after being hit with a backswing

In a scary scene in Tampa on Monday, Rays catcher Wilson Ramos left the game after being hit in the head with Ruben Tejada’s backswing. The moment happened in the fifth inning of the matchup, and Ramos was escorted off the field shortly afterwards.

Making things look even more concerning was the fact that Tejada’s bat broke when connecting with the ball on the ground out, with the flying barrel hitting Ramos as splinters flew around his neck and head.

CBS Tampa’s Ryan Bass reports that Ramos received six staples in his head for the injury, and is currently being monitored as part of the league’s standard concussion protocol.

While he’s lucky he wasn’t speared with a splinter or worse, it’s an unfortunate development for someone who already missed multiple months due to knee surgery that kept him off the field.

Hopefully Ramos recovers quickly and is back behind the plate as soon as possible.

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