Rockets fans see the series shift to Houston with no real complaints.

Despite the loss, the Rockets are still heading back to H-town with a 1-1 series split, and if you told any Rockets fan before the series that they’d be leaving San Antonio with a tie, you take that all day. Now the series really starts on Friday after both teams landed haymakers in the first two contests.

Despite the large final margin on the scoreboard, the Rockets were battling close in this game for three quarters, and managed to keep it tight until the final frame despite The Beard’s less than stellar performance, so there are reasons for optimism even coming off of a loss.

Rockets fans see the series shift to Houston with no real complaints.

A road team can’t be greedy in the playoffs, and the Rockets are boasting a 1-1 split against San Antonio as they head back to their home arena. Here’s how The Dream Shake are feeling:

The Dallas Cowboys traded down from No. 6 to No. 8, with the Chiefs. It seemed as if the Chiefs ran out of time, or at least it did to Minnesota, who tried to submit for defensive tackle Ryan Sims. But when they did, they were told by league officials the Chiefs had handed in their card San Jose Sharks Cheap Jerseys to take Sims. Minnesota selected offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie instead.

Yeah, Wings fans won’t like watching Makar and Liljegren come off the board right before their pick. Detroit could go center here, and if they do it should be Pettersson. The 6’1 center is a good two-way player, but he truly excels with playmaking. Pettersson put up 41 points in 43 games with Timra, and will play with the big boys in the SHL with V?xj? next season. A long-term prospect but could pay off.

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