So, saying they needed 2 1/2 people to do the job might be more accurate.

However the math works, the load is huge, and so is the responsibility. It’s a not-remotely-subtle reminder of why this change in the replay system is game-changing.

The most obvious change to the public is that Riveron is the new face of the league’s officiating. That is, the face of its blunders, the obvious gaffes that are harder and harder to escape notice, that change games, alter destinies and cost people playoff spots, money and jobs.

That’s how the public knew Blandino every week, including on game days, when he was often tweeting or going live on-air to explain why, for example, the refs forgot to start the clock on time, or missed someone stepping out of bounds, or didn’t realize a fumble had been batted out of the end zone illegally.

Or, as colleague Vinnie Iyer alluded here, why the league MVP got hit late or in the head so much but almost never drew a flag for it.

“Believe me — in my first draft, I wasn’t going to listen to them just one time. I kept going back and saying, ‘Why are all these (media) reports out there? Look at the (shoulder) again.’ They came back with the same report.”

Lynch’s belief was further supported when San Francisco’s medical Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids staff re-examined Foster’s shoulder during last weekend’s rookie minicamp.

“Our biggest deal with Reuben is going to be holding him back,” Lynch said. “His persona — and that’s one thing that drew me to him — is he loves football and wants to be on the field right now. He was trying to pull the okie-doke and run out (to practice) in disguise.”

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