that’s why he’s out of work while Dan Orlovsky and Luke McCown aren’t.

It’s worth mentioning, meanwhile, that the Seahawks also publicly deemed Kaepernick worthy of playing in the NFL; that not only was his ability not in question, he was good enough to start. By all accounts, those are the only two teams that have gone directly to him about playing, and they’re in agreement.

So enough with the intentional deflection of Kaepernick’s qualifications. That’s all it ever was, a way to change the subject away from all the real-world issues embedded in Kaepernick’s decision to kneel last season.

Every minute spent micro-analyzing every stat in the book and every snap on video looking for something that would pass for an excuse was a minute not spent discussing whether a team or a league could punish a player for expressing himself by way of his constitutional rights.

Or: “He’s not being blackballed, he just stinks, so that’s why he’s out of work while Dan Orlovsky and Luke McCown aren’t.”

If the Ravens don’t sign Kaepernick, the reasoning will likely be as complex and entangled as their explanation of their thought process. But it won’t be because they think he can’t play.

So next time you see that angle planted somewhere, you know what it’s about, why NHL Jerseys Cheap anyone tried it and what you can do with it.

It’d be a whole lot easier to pick the Jaguars to win the AFC South if Blake Bortles weren’t their quarterback. The team has a legitimately exciting young defense and some dangerous receivers and just added Nike NFL Jerseys China Leonard Fournette at running back. But Bortles makes it hard to believe in Jacksonville.

If the Jaguars fail to take a step forward again in 2017, Cousins could make sense as an option.

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