The skepticism of the league’s motives by onlookers was immediate and widespread.

There were the players released with almost no warning for cap reasons, players scolded publicly for skipping workouts they weren’t required to attend … and players carted off the field at those same series of workouts, bringing their necessity into question once again.

There was the unprecedented volume of general managers getting fired deep into the offseason — as late as mid-July, in the Panthers’ case.

There were all the players who didn’t even make it through the first week of training camp without potentially serious injury: Sterling Shepard, Will Fuller and Forrest Lamp on Wednesday, Dominique Easley and Nico Siragusa on Tuesday, Mike Williams and Joe Flacco even before their teams’ first workouts, just to name a few. (The Ravens may be closing in on an unenviable record.)

There is the league’s still-baffling intransigence about marijuana, as players continued to get suspended for using, Martavis Bryant still not being cleared to return from his yearlong ban last season, and yet another tease of a report that the NFL wanted to discuss the topic with the union.

All of that, on top of the endless hype about the Combine, the draft, the OTAs, the minicamps, leading up to training camp … and finally up to players in pads on a lined field with a clock and scoreboard and live national TV.

Tomlinson also thanked his late father, Oliver Tomlinson, and the “big heart” his son inherited. Tomlinson said God placed several people in his life at critical moments.

“At 14, my pastor offered me a prophecy that said, if I continue to honor him, God Reebok Cheap Jerseys would take me places I could never imagine,” Tomlinson said. “Something I never imagined – standing on this Ravens Cheap Jerseys stage in Canton, Ohio.”

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