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Lions practice in bright green Repreve/Unifi jerseys made from recycled bottles

When the Lions come to mind, you might not immediately think “GREEN,” what with their Detroit base and Ford ownership. But with the help of Unifi and Repreve, the team’s trying to flip that perception, trotting out green — in a very literal sense — practice jerseys.

On August 6 the Lions will turn training camp green, wearing the jerseys you see above in order to #TurnItGreen at training camp.

The Lions are also putting Pepsi/Repreve recycling bins around Ford Field and if fans hit a 100 percent recycling rate during the season the Detroit Lions Academy will score some new Repreve clothing.

Each one of the jerseys is made out of 21 recycled bottles and the Lions will be giving away green towels — each one recycled from three bottles — to fans at training camp as well. There’s also a “Make the Smart Throw” slogan around the initiative; there are promotions that will let the fans end up tossing the rock with Lions quarterbacks.

And the field goals will also be painted “Repreve green” and then donated to a local high school after the event.

Ever since recycling got to be a “normal” thing (no one fights over whether or not it’s smart/needed/etc; it’s pretty obvious it’s good) it feels like people tend to gloss over it more than they should.

Good on the Lions and Unifi for helping to promote a worthwhile cause with some fan interaction as well.

The Bears season is slowly turning into a dumpster fire, so you won’t probably won’t be surprised to hear that Bears fans are making their own dumpster fires at home using Jay Cutler’s jersey.

After Chicago’s 55-14 loss to Green Bay on Sunday night, several fans decided that they were finally fed up with Cutler and that it was time to burn his jersey as a way to “send a message to the Bears organization.”

Cowboys owner and General Manager, Jerry Jones, made a promise to frustrated fans that changes are on the horizon.

“It’s going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch,” Jones said.


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